Co-Branding Criteria

Keys to a successful partnership.

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    Co-branded Product
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    Industrial Ingredients Product

Co-Branded Product

At McIlhenny Company, we believe that a strong partnership can result in a powerful synergy. That’s why we place such importance on carefully reviewing each potential opportunity – our ultimate goal is to ensure that each relationship proves to be mutually beneficial.

Since 1987, when we formed our first co-branding partnership with Goodmark Foods, we’ve developed a tried-and-true set of criteria to ensure co-branding success. The ideal potential co-branded product has:

  • No conflict with a current co-brand or license agreement
  • National distribution (foodservice, retail, or a combination of both), and
  • A manufacturer with current placement or open dialogue with club stores.

In addition, we will negotiate royalty fees and minimum ingredient amounts to be purchased on a case-by-case basis. Also, we are excited about partnering with other brands that have a strong international presence.

Industrial Ingredients Product

In the event that your product does not fall within our co-branding requirements, which allow you to feature our logo as part of your product’s main label design, we offer another option: Industrial Ingredients partner. As an Ingredients partner, you may list our TABASCO® brand Ingredient(s) in your product’s ingredient statement.

Please note that McIlhenny Company requires that Co-Brand and Ingredients partners adhere to our trademark guidelines. We reserve the right to review and approve any and all references to our trademarks or mentions of industrial ingredient products that incorporate the TABASCO® brand name.